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Ido Radon, Sail or temporary composition of a specter of a world, 2023


Ido Radon is an artist and writer whose work is fed by long-term interests in pervasive and diffuse modes of control, enclosures, the social production of reality as conditioned by the abstractions of advanced capitalism, and revolutionary or utopian impulses (experiments in living), all as mediated by various technologies. She’s made solo exhibitions at Artspeak (Vancouver, B.C), Air de Paris (Paris), Ditch Projects (Springfield, OR), Et al. (San Francisco), Jupiter Woods (London), Pied-à-terre (San Francisco), Romance (Pittsburgh), and Veronica (Seattle) and shown work at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, RONGWRONG, the Belkin Art Gallery, and the Henry Art Gallery. She holds an MFA from the University of British Columbia. With family and friends, she makes SOCIETY.



2024 CALIFORNIA, ILY2, Portland, OR
2023 KILL SYSTEM, Romance, Pittsburgh, PA
2023 SOCIETY, Veronica Project Space, Seattle, WA
2021 Count Zero Interrupt, Air de Paris, Paris
2021 Mother of Pearl Gasoline Slick, Melanie Flood Projects, Portland
2020 QRV, SAND, Phoenix, AZ
2018 Gate, The Orchards, Boring, OR
2019 LANDER, PANEL.LA, Los Angeles
2017 Joy Stick, Et al., San Francisco
2016 Wholeness Engine, Jupiter Woods, London
2016 The sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere, Muscle Beach, Portland
2015 The Condition of the Waters, Ditch Projects, Springfield, OR
2015 [ ], Artspeak, Vancouver, B.C.

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