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ILY2 is pleased to present a two-person booth with works by Ido Radon and Morgan Buck, for NADA Miami Beach 2023.

Morgan Buck aggregates and alters found images culled from the digital firehose of some of the weirder corners of mass media, the internet, and social media to produce airbrushed paintings that read as digital prints although they are laboriously handmade. These uncanny aggregate images—slightly blurred, smeared, oddly collaged —echo AI attempts at image generation.

With a professed interest in that which is hardwired into the grid of the grid, Ido Radon’s practice could be said to be an attempt to materialize the abstractions that produce and constrain contemporary life. Her spectral machine sculptures think through the infrastructures, hard and soft, that support and structure society, of which the images in Buck’s work could be said to be a symptom.