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Kacy McKinney is a visual artist (drawing/painting/textiles) and faculty member in Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University. She is the creator of Changing the Narrative: Stories of Student Homelessness and Housing Instability, a research based collaborative comics project and publication (2022) in partnership with Street Roots and the Independent Publishing Resource Center. With Changing the Narrative, and the follow up project Epilogue: 18 new works assessing the impact of Changing the Narrative, her work seeks to reshape social science research and reframe how we talk, teach, and think about homelessness and poverty. These projects use visual storytelling to build empathy, increase awareness, manifest dialogue, and move toward both policy and social interaction based in respect and dignity.

Participating Artists: Arantza Peña Popo, Christina Tran, Daniela Ortiz Mendez, Erika Rier, Fran Power, Gigi Woolery, India Wynne, J, Jai Milx, Kacy McKinney, Kimberléa Ruffu, Lee J., Liz Yerby, McKensi Payne, Olivia DelGandio, Quinn C. Amacher, Shaun H., Valerie W. The show also includes works by Marin Jurgens and Mike Bautista.